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Employment Listings

Job Title


6/12/18​ ​Legal Assistant ​Diocese of Grand Rapids ​Grand Rapids
5/3/18 Development Database Administrator Diocese of Grand Rapids ​Grand Rapids



​6/8/18 Director of Discipleship and Faith Formation ​Cathedral of Saint Andrew ​Grand Rapids
​6/8/18 ​High School Youth Ministry Coordinator ​Our Lady of Consolation Parish ​Rockford

​High School Youth Ministry Coordinator 

​Our Lady of the Lake Parish ​Holland
6/4/18​ Coordinator for Children and Adult Faith Formation ​St. Paul the Apostle Parish ​Grand Rapids
6/4/18​ Administrative Assistant ​St. Patrick-St. Anthony Parish ​Grand Haven
6/1/18​ Administrative Assistant​ St. Francis de Sales Parish​ ​Holland
​6/1/18 Bookkeeper ​St. Francis de Sales and St. Michael the Archangel Parishes ​Norton Shores/Muskegon
5/17/18​ Coordinator of Ministries (part-time) ​Mary Queen of Apostles Parish ​Sand Lake
5/9/18​ Director of Elementary Faith Formation and Adult Catechesis ​St. Mary Parish ​Spring Lake
​5/8/18 ​Secretary (Part-Time) ​Holy Trinity Parish ​Comstock Park



​6/18/18 ​Middle School Math Teacher ​All Saints Academy ​Grand Rapids
​6/18/18 ​Middle School Language Arts Teacher ​All Saints Academy ​Grand Rapids
​6/15/18 Principal ​St. Paul the Apostle ​Grand Rapids
​6/15/18 Paraprofessional ​St. Thomas the Apostle ​Grand Rapids
​6/14/18 ​Teacher Aide (Part-Time) ​Our Lady of Consolation ​Rockford
​6/14/18 ​Middle School Theology Teacher (Part-Time) ​Our Lady of Consolation ​Rockford
​6/14/18 Middle School Social Studies Teacher ​Our Lady of Consolation Rockford
​6/14/18 ​Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher ​St. Charles School ​Greenville
6/13/18​ ​School Custodian (Part-Time) ​Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School Belmont​
6/13/18​ ​Classroom Aide (Part-Time) ​Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School ​Belmont
​6/11/18 High School Theology Teacher ​St. Patrick ​Portland
​6/11/18 ​Preschool Aide (Part-Time) ​Immaculate Heart of Mary ​Grand Rapids
6/11/18​ Middle School Social Studies Teacher St. Mary Spring Lake
​6/11/18 Kindergarten Teacher ​Ludington Area Catholic School ​Ludington
​6/8/18 After School Care Provider (Part-Time) ​Sacred Heart Academy ​Grand Rapids
​6/7/18 ​School Counselor ​West Catholic High School ​Grand Rapids
​6/7/18 Fourth Grade Teacher ​St. Mary ​Spring Lake
6/5/18​ ​Science Teacher ​Catholic Central High School ​Grand Rapids
​6/1/18 ​Director of Business Affairs ​Muskegon Catholic Central ​Muskegon
6/1/18​ ​Director of Advancement ​Muskegon Catholic Central ​Muskegon
​5/29/18 ​Dean of Students ​Catholic Central High School ​Grand Rapids
5/24/18​ ​After School Care Assistant St. Robert Catholic School​ ​Ada
​5/24/18 ​Lead After School Caregiver ​St. Robert Catholic School ​Ada
​5/24/18 ​Preschool Teacher Assistant (Part-Time) ​St. Robert Catholic School ​Ada
​5/24/18 ​Preschool Teacher (Part-Time for 2-year-olds) ​St. Robert Catholic School ​Ada
​5/24/18​ ​Preschool Teacher (Part-Time for 3-year-olds) ​St. Robert Catholic School ​Ada
​5/22/18 ​Science Teacher ​West Catholic High School ​Grand Rapids
​5/17/18 ​Sixth Grade Teacher ​Muskegon Catholic Central ​Muskegon
5/17/18​ Science Teacher (Long-Term Substitute) ​Catholic Central High School ​Grand Rapids
​5/16/18 ​Early Childhood Teacher (Part-Time) ​Divine Providence Academy ​Conklin
​5/16/18 Elementary Teacher ​Divine Providence Academy ​Conklin
​5/8/18​ ​Middle School Math Teacher ​St. Paul the Apostle School ​Grand Rapids
​5/4/18 ​Food Service Director ​Muskegon Catholic Central ​Muskegon
​5/2/18 ​Theology Teacher ​Catholic Central High School ​Grand Rapids
4/23/18​ Middle School Teacher ​Ludington Area Catholic School ​Ludington
​4/10/18 Maintenance (Second Shift) ​Holy Trinity School and Parish ​Comstock Park
​3/29/18 Math Teacher (Long-Term Substitute) ​Catholic Central High School ​Grand Rapids
​3/12/18 Director of Childcare ​Our Lady of Consolation School ​Rockford



​6/7/18 Teacher, 3rd/4th-grade split classroom ​St. Mary's Visitation School ​Byron Center
​6/1/18 Director of Music​ ​St. Rita Church ​Clarklake, MI (Diocese of Lansing)
5/18/18​ ​Principal ​Saint Leo Catholic School ​Winston-Salem, NC (Diocese of Charlotte)
5/17/18​ Director of Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation North Allegan Catholic Collaborative​ (cluster of three parishes) ​Diocese of Kalamazoo
5/4/18 Principal St. Mary's Visitation Byron Center
​​4/25/18 Kindergarten Teacher​ ​St. Stanislaus School ​ Dorr​ (Diocese of Kalamazoo)​
4/16/18​ Director for the Catholic Ethnic Ministries Office ​Diocese of Columbus ​Columbus, OH
​4/16/18 Director of Faith Formation ​Cross in the Woods Parish ​Indian River, MI (Diocese of Gaylord)​
​​4/16/18 ​Principal St. Michael Academy​ ​​Petoskey (Diocese of Gaylord)
4/5/18​ ​Principal ​St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception ​Niles (Diocese of Kalamazoo)
​10/11/17​ Associate Director of Music & Liturgy ​St. Michael the Archangel Parish ​Findlay, OH


​5/21/18 Front Desk Receptionist (part-time) ​Dominican Sisters ​Grand Rapids
​5/9/18 Accounting Coordinator (part-time) ​Dominican Sisters ​Grand Rapids
​3/23/18 Human Resources Manager ​Dominican Sisters ​Grand Rapids