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Diocesan Cemeteries are owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids. The cemeteries are: St. Andrew's, Resurrection, Holy Cross, Mount Calvary, and Sts. Peter and Paul. The immediate oversight is entrusted by the diocese to a volunteer board. This board recommends cemetery policy and gives advise concerning the administration and operation of the cemeteries.

The administration and operation of the Catholic Cemeteries is under the direction of the Director of the Catholic Cemeteries and his staff.

Contact (diocesan cemeteries):
Jim Arsulowicz, managing director
Phone: 616-453-1636, Fax: 616-453-7209

Anton Graham (south) and Tony Smith (north)

Advisory Board Members
Mr. T. Edward Carey, Jr. (term ends November, 2014)
Mr. Daniel M. LaVille (term ends November, 2014)
Ms. Lori J. Lemieux (term ends November, 2014)
Mr. Patrick Van Haren (term ends November, 2014)
Sr. Patrice Konwinski, OP (term ends July, 2015)
Rev. Mr. Leo Ferguson (term ends July, 2015)
Contact (parish cemeteries):
T. Edward Carey, Jr., chancellor/chief financial officer
360 Division Ave. S.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4501
Phone: 616-475-1247, Fax: 616-243-4910


For phone numbers and e-mail addresses of each of the cemeteries, please visit the Contacts page.