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The death of a loved one is a loss which every family will experience at some point. Often, families find themselves unprepared to plan a funeral and burial. Pre-planning your own funeral is very helpful to the family at this difficult time. It can be your final gift and act of love for them. It also makes good economic sense.

Benefits of Pre-Planning:
  • A husband and wife can share their feelings and desires together before death occurs. This is a great help and comfort and peace of mind to the surviving spouse and family members.
  • These arrangements can be shared with family members so that all will know what your wishes are and can carry them out.
  • Pre-Planning makes good economic sense. The costs of cemetery and funeral arrangements continue to increase. Pre-arrangement allows the costs to be frozen at current prices.
  • Pre-Planning helps save life insurance benefits for the surviving spouse and the family. Often, without pre-planning, much of the life insurance proceeds are needed for the burial.
  • Pre-Planning costs can be paid for through budgeted payments over a period of time, rather than a one-time cash payment at the time of death.
  • For additional pricing information, please click on the respective cemetery page links on the menu at left.

Reasons for purchasing graves from Catholic Cemeteries:
  • Costs are lower. Diocesan Cemeteries are non-profit cemeteries. Products can be offered at a lower cost. Any profit is spent on beautifying the cemetery and caring for burial sites.
  • There is a great assurance and peace of mind. For-profit businesses are bought and sold and sometimes go bankrupt. Catholic Cemeteries is part of the Catholic Church which has a 2,000 year history. There is the assurance of permanence and stability for you and your family.
  • Catholic Cemeteries will maintain and save your purchase files to serve your better in the future.